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Certified Reference Materials

We are the only provider of Dairy Industry Certified Reference Materials in Australasia, and our Whole Milk Powder Certified Reference Material is the first product of its kind to be offered from our suite of services.

Our Whole Milk Powder Certified Values cover both Crude Protein by Kjeldahl and Gravimetric Fat by Röse-Gottlieb, with a reference value for Gravimetric Moisture. These certified values are metrologically traceable with relative accuracies of 0.6 and 0.9 % respectively.

The CRM consists of 5 sealed nitrogen flushed, foil-laminated sachets containing 10 grams of whole milk powder in each (50 grams total). These sachets are specifically produced for single use to provide maximum accuracy and reliability. The stability is constantly monitored and guaranteed stable while sealed until the expiry date provided.

Ordering Certified Reference Materials

View Reference Material Brochure here.

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