Our Strengths

  • With help from our Technical Advisory Groups, our experienced staff ensure that the design and operation of Global Proficiency's PT schemes is appropriate to the needs of participating laboratories

  • Our partnerships with industry groups enable us to draw on current industry knowledge and to align the development of our PT schemes with industry needs

  • Our approachable and service-oriented team are dedicated to providing excellent and cost-effective service, enabling us to deliver robust and reliable PT schemes to laboratories internationally


In each PT scheme, we invite leading specialists from related industries and participating laboratories to contribute to our Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs). These groups advise us on the design and operation of each PT scheme, to ensure that our procedures continue to be the most appropriate to the needs of participating laboratories, and wider stakeholders. This advice covers:

  • selection of sample matrices

  • sample preparation

  • test method applications

  • data analysis

  • proficiency assessment

Our Story

Global Proficiency is an independent provider of laboratory proficiency testing schemes, laboratory reference materials and related services.

Our Commitment

Global Proficiency's Company Policies set out our commitment to professionalism and service.

What is PT?

Proficiency Testing provides laboratories with objective assessments of the accuracy and reliability of their test results.