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Liquid Dairy

Samples of liquid dairy products are available as Reference and Quality Control Materials, designed for various uses including instrument calibration checks and methods monitoring.

Raw and Processed Milk Sets (VeriCal®)

VeriCal® RAW MILK and PROCESSED MILK products are 7-sample sets (of Australian origin), designed for confirming the calibration and monitoring of instruments used to test milk composition.

View available VeriCal® RAW MILK Products here.

View available VeriCal® PROCESSED MILK Products here.

For more information see VeriCal® Programme Description and VeriCal® Timetable.

UHT Milk

UHT Milk characterised using classical testing methods.

View available UHT Milk Chemistry Reference and QC Materials here.


Raw Cream (>35% fat) designed for regular checking of analytical instruments.

View available Cream Chemistry Reference and QC Materials here.

Ordering Liquid Dairy Products

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* Freight is a variable component. Please contact us for a firm quote.

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