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PlantChek is a proficiency testing scheme for chemistry laboratories testing plant material and is accredited to ISO/IEC 17043:2010 - the internationally recognised standard for competence of proficiency providers. Please see PlantChek Programme Description.

PlantChek General Information

Global Proficiency Ltd is contracted by the Australasian Soil and Plant Analysis Council (ASPAC) to provide the Soil and Plant Inter-Laboratory Proficiency Programs (ILPPs). We work with specialist contract providers to prepare the soil and plant materials for the required range of analytes.

These programmes are used by more than 60 laboratories in 10 countries.

SoilChek and PlantChek supports ASPAC's overall goals to:

  • promote excellence in all aspects of soil and plant analysis

  • encourage and promote the adoption of preferred methods and protocols used in soil and plant analysis within Australasia


SoilChek and PlantChek are designed to enable valid comparisons between results from laboratories who use a range of methods, and who may aim to achieve quite different levels of performance in terms of detection limits, precision of measurement and repeatability. In each case, informed interpretation of the results is important to determine whether differences are significant, whether corrective action is necessary and what corrective action is appropriate.

If acceptable performance criteria are met over the 12 month cycle, ASPAC issues internationally recognised certification for individual tests for both SoilChek and PlantChek participants. ASPAC certification, in association with international accreditation through the local accreditation body, provide valuable assurance to the public on the capability and performance of a laboratory.

For more information on ASPAC certification and ASPAC related topics such as membership and technical assistance, click here.

PlantChek Schedule

Refer PlantChek Timetable.

Please contact us to discuss your laboratory's requirements.

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