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VeriTest Shellfish

The VeriTest® Shellfish proficiency testing scheme is designed for laboratories routinely testing shellfish products. The global shellfish industry has grown dramatically in recent years and the shipping of shellfish products to overseas and domestic markets is now a major business.

The increasing consumption of seafood including fish, shellfish and molluscs, has also seen a growing demand from consumers for proof that the seafood they are eating is both healthy and safe. They want to know that when they buy shellfish, regardless of where it is from, that robust quality assurance processes are in place and scientists, regulators and industry have delivered a safe product.

Laboratories play an important role helping to assure the quality of shellfish growing areas and shellfish flesh.  For more information please see VeriTest® Shellfish Microbiology Programme Description.

VeriTest® Shellfish Microbiology Schedule

New Zealand and International Customers:

Refer VeriTest® Shellfish Microbiology Timetable (New Zealand).

Refer VeriTest® Shellfish Microbiology Timetable (International).

Australian Customers:

Refer VeriTest® Shellfish Microbiology Timetable (Australia).

Please contact us to discuss your laboratory's requirements.

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